The Benefits of Cotton Compression Stockings

Over the knee compression stockings

How to wear compression stockings and the benefits of cotton compression stockings

We are happy to present cotton compression stockings. Cotton is superior to various compression stockings that are available in the market. Let’s see how far it is to superior and what are the various compelling reasons why you should use cotton compression stockings. Before that let’s first see various issues that are being faced with the various compression stockings that are available in the market and then let’s see how cotton is helping to resolve those issues – then it becomes easy for you to understand how much cotton is superior.

Almost all the products that are available in the market are all made of synthetic materials such as lycra, nylon and spandex like that. Synthetic materials are those which are manufactured in a factory environment which means it is not grown on trees just like cotton which is hundred-percent natural and it is growing on trees. So these synthetic materials are very important in manufacturing the compression stockings; because only these synthetic materials offer the elasticity. Only if you have the elasticity you will get the compression; only then we can make the compression stockings. It is absolutely fine in cold countries such as America and Europe where people don’t sweat; whereas the situation is different in tropical region like Asia where they have a hot and humid climate.
Over the knee compression stockings
We sweat a lot. This is exactly where the problem starts. The Nylon is not able to absorb the sweat. Just imagine. wearing a nylon Underwear, nylon briefs and nylon socks in a hot and humid condition. Needless to say how soon it would be uncomfortable. Same applies to compression stockings too. The compression stocking is notable to absorb the sweat and it remains wet and it raises unbearable odors and also it gives a conducive environment for bacteria to grow and then as the day progresses you start itching. Even without your knowledge, you put your fingers inside and just start scratching. . Once you start scratching, then it becomes progressive and repeatedly you tend to scratch again and again and you end up creating rashes and creating wounds. These are the various problems that are being faced with the nylon compression stockings; rather any synthetic material. Okay, how do we solve these problems?

This is where exactly Cotton comes to our rescue. Cotton is a natural material. It can solve all the problems that are faced with the synthetic materials. For example,the cotton can absorb the sweat. It can wipe out the sweat just like a towel. It can keep the area cool and dry. Further,the cotton is very soft, comfortable and skin friendly and it doesn’t create any rashes. . No itching. . No irritation etc. and it is also odor Free. It doesn’t give that kind of stink and above all the cotton has the very good property of Thermal Insulation meaning the cotton becomes cool in Summer and warm in Winter. This is a great feature and also cotton has got a very high tensile strength which results in a longer life of the compression stockings. There are some disadvantages of cotton also. For example the cotton doesn’t have the elasticity. If you expand it, it will get cut off. So we cannot make hundred percent cotton compression stockings. So what was the solution. It was to blend the cotton with these synthetic materials and made them cotton blended compression stockings and that is the best type to buy.. You get the best of both worlds. . You get the Compression of the Synthetic Materials at the same time the comfort of cotton material. Amazon have the brands that are available in the market that offer premium cotton compression stockings. . that also at such a low reasonable prices.
7 pairs compression stockings
Just because the price is low it doesn’t mean that there has been a  compromise on the quality. The quality is excellent and excellent piece of engineering has gone into these. You can see how thin is the material and also in the above knee compression stockings there is the silicone grip-top which prevents the sliding down. And the silicone grip-top is also made in such away that it doesn’t create unnecessary compression thereby blocking the blood flow and it is just like the silicon door-mat that we have our home which prevents the sliding down. It gets stuck to the skin and it prevents the sliding down and it doesn’t create unnecessary compression that’s blocking the blood flow. You can appreciate how good is the compression stocking once you see this and you need not take my word for it. You can see the five-star ratings given by the users who have found them extremely good. Now that you are convinced please take care in ordering the correct size. There are various sizes starting from Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and Double X-Large and please consult the sizing chart and determine your correct size. Please take a measuring tape and measure your calf circumference and that is single most important measurement which will determine your size. It’s a good idea to order two pairs of compression stockings because when one is under laundry, other can still be used. And there is a correct procedure for using the compression stockings. There is a tendency to use compression stockings just like socks that we use at home by bunching up but if you do like that it is almost impossible for wearing the compression stockings. . Please ensure that the nails are cut periodically. Ladies, please avoid wearing the anklets or any finger jewels and you can apply some talcum powder in order to smooth the wearing and you can also wear this stocking aid. This is a slip-on. Then put your hand inside and hold the heel pocket and reverse it like this and don’t lose this and hold it like this. Now just gently apply this and pull it up to the heel and then hold it and pull it like this. if there are any wrinkles just smooth them out and now you can remove this slip on. That’s all. You may also use a Stocking Application Device. It is very easy to wear. Take the stocking like this and put it here and keep pushing down. . pushing down further, until you see this heel pocket. Now that you are able to see the heel pocket ensure that this heel pocket is facing towards you and now you can put your leg inside and gently insert it inside and put your foot down and then gently pull it up. That’s it. Now you can just smooth out any wrinkles and make some slight adjustments here. That’s it. Here is a link to these devices for sale on Amazon

Please do not use your fingernails for pulling the stocking up. So, even if one thread comes off the entire stocking will get damaged and then always use the compression stocking in the morning before you get active. The idea is you should wear the Compression Stocking before your legs swell and then remove it in the night before you go to bed. These High Compression Stockings should not be worn during night while you are in bed. Then regarding the wash care. Always wash it only in a lukewarm water with mild detergent. Don’t use any harsh bleaching. Don’t use brushing. Don’t use any machine wash and when you put it for drying, put it only in a cool dry place and let it dry in the air only in a shady area. Don’t put them out under the hot sun. If you follow these small wash and care instructions, your stockings will have better, longer life. Here is a link to Compression stockings on Amazon